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RESULTS OF CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - 2016-2017 (click below for more details)

Computer Competition (30th Augustl 2016)

Rakhi Competition

English Declamation Competition (12th August 2016)

HIndi Declamation Competition (10th August 2016)

Maths Quiz Competition (6th August 2016)

Hindi Recitation Competition (28th July 2016)

English Recitation Competition (26th July 2016)

Spellthone Competition (8th July 2016)

Hindi Calligraphy Competition CLASS III TO V (16th July 2016)

English Calligraphy CLASS III TO V (16th July 2016)

Show and Tell Competition CLASS I & II (7th May 2016)

Hindi Calligraphy Competition CLASS I & II (23th April 2016)

Earth Day Activity CLASS I & II (22th April 2016)

English Calligraphy CLASS I & II (21st April 2016)

Baisakhi Colouring Competition CLASS I & II (13th April 2016)

RESULTS OF CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - 2015-2016 (click below for more details)

Maths- Abacus

Maths Quiz Competition (20th October 2015)

E.V.S Quiz Competition (1st August 2015)

Maths Quiz Competition (14th May 2015)

Science Quiz (15th May 2015)

Hindi Recitation Competition (5th May 2015)

Show and Tell Competition (2nd May 2015)

English Recitation Competition (2nd May 2015)

Hindi Recitation Competition (2nd May 2015)

Show and Tell Competition (30th April 2015)

English Recitation Competition (30th April 2015)

Hindi Recitation Competition (30th April 2015)

Computer Competition (27th April 2015)

RESULTS OF CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - 2014-2015 (click below for more details)

Computer Competition (5th-6th December 2014)

Hindi Comparing Competition ( December 2014)

Social Science and Commerce Quiz (4th December 2014)

English Comparing Competition (3rd December 2014)

Computer Competition (30th August 2014,27th September 2014)

Maths Quiz Competition ( 2nd August 2014)

Fancy Dress Competition ( 30th July 2014)

E.V.S Quiz Competition ( 26th July 2014)

English Recitation Competition (25th July2014)

Hindi Declamation Competition (19th July 2014)

Hindi Recitation Competition (19th July 2014)

English Debate Competition (18th July 2014)

Races at Class Level (16th July 2014)

Book Mark Activity (16th July 2014)

Spellthone Competition (5th July 2014)

Computer Competition (9th May 2014)

Creative Writing Competition (3rd May 2014)

Recitation Competition (12th May - 15th May 2014)

Declamation Competition (29th April - 13th May 2014)

Computer Competition (17th April -19th April 2014)



Students are given ample opportunities for self expression through creative writing and public speaking .They are encouraged to write poems, articles etc. for publishing them in the School Magazine 'Sanjiwani'. The students are encouraged to participate in Debates, Declamation, Poetry, Recitation and Quiz competitions not only at the school level, but also at the Zonal and Inter-Zonal level.



A highly qualified staff is available for training students in music, dance and drama. Cultural programmes put up by the Nursery Wing are a treat to watch.The School has two big open Theatres for staging programmes to a capacity crowd.


home science Potery

The School offers a large number of work based activities for the students of all classes.These include a variety of Art and Craft activities. Besides this, Home Science, Meal Planning, Pottery, Gardening are offered as S.U.P.W. activities.


A separate studio has been provided to cultivate and enhance the aesthetic sense in the children and to bring their creativity to the force. Children are taught and guided under experienced and talented hands.